GDPS offers an exceptional service in the cloud business for high-end commercial and private customers.

Fast, innovative, secure and differing clearly from the common encryptions.

Our servers are based in a high-security environment in Austria. The data will be stored on three servers in different locations. In difference to other cloud and messenger providers, our servers are located in Austria under AT & EU jurisdiction.

Additionally we have integrated Safechat to our cloud. A secure encrypted communication channel for your messages and for document transfer. Safechat also allows a fast and innovative data upload - directly into the safecloud - without traces on your mobile and/or other devices.

For both, storage and transfer, we provide absolute security of your commercial and personal data.

Furthermore, we offer a highly personal individualization and adaptation including a “locked” upload room in Vienna downtown in case you want to avoid any datatransfer from abroad into the cloud. Sticks and other data devices can be stored in a local safe box.

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